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Small Steps toward a Greener Office

Looking to make a positive environmental impacts with your company but feeling overwhelmed? Take small steps!

Here are 6 simple changes you can start today to create a greener office:

1. Start a Team: Create a dedicated leadership group to support and grow sustainability initiatives. This will engage your team and provide valuable feedback on what works and what doesn't.

2. Recycling: Replace individual trash cans at desks with centralized trash and recycling bins. Studies show that this simple change can increase recycling rates by up to 20% and reduce waste by 18%. (Reference Etsy Study)

3. Breakroom: Swap out paper and plastic dishware with washable wares, and install a dishwasher to encourage the use of reusable items over single-use ones.

4. Replace Single-Use Items: Replace single-use packages and beverage dispensers with group-sized containers and devices. Reusable ceramic, stainless steel, and glass cups have lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to disposable paper, plastic, and bioplastic cups over their life-cycle.

5. Upgrade Restrooms: Install low-flow or waterless plumbing fixtures in restrooms. There are adaptor kits available that can be used to retrofit existing fixtures instead of replacing them. Also, replace paper towels with energy-efficient hand dryers that are effective and less noisy.

6. Reduce Paper Usage: Avoid unnecessary paper usage by incorporating digital signatures for contracts and internal team communications. Utilize chat programs like MS Teams and document signing platforms like Docusign to minimize paper consumption. Set printers to default to double-sided printing.

Remember, taking small steps can add up to make a big difference in creating a greener office and contributing to a better world.

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